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Speech therapy for children North Yorkshire

Training packages for schools

Continued professional development is an essential part of any school and understanding children’s speech and language difficulties and their needs is vital to allow children to develop academically.

We tailor training sessions to your school's exact requirements. We can offer an overview of speech and language development and what can go wrong, a session on how to carry out a speech and language programme or speech, language and communication in light of the National Curriculum. This can be delivered on a teacher training day as a half-day interactive training session or a two-hour presentation. This is divided into a Foundation and Key Stage 1 group and a Key Stage 2 group.

We usually find it better to deliver training to both teachers and support staff together. This gives a deeper understanding and holistic approach to children’s needs.

Therapy can make the national curriculum more accessible for some children and directly affect their ability to learn more effectively. If all staff are able to follow the same principles and have a basic understanding of the targets, a child is likely to progress at a greater rate.