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Speech therapy for children

Contracts, screening & therapy packages

School Contracts 

Many schools are opting to buy in speech and language therapy services in order to meet the needs of their children and a contract will offer great service which is bespoke to your schools needs.

They include:

  • individual packages of care for each child, which include targets and resources that are updated regularly
  • individual and/or group therapy for children
  • support for SENDCo, teachers and TAs as appropriate
  • reports on request

Schools with contracts will receive weekly updates on the children seen. Schools are able to request assessments and urgent reports which will be completed normally within a week.

See our Testimonial section under schools section.


Teachers are able to teach more effectively once they have a better understanding of the abilities of their children.

Teachers are very capable of understanding and meeting the needs of the majority of their class, but there will always be some children who are struggling or who's speech and language needs are not easy to understand. It's these children who we aim to help.

If teachers had a baseline of their childrens' speech and language skills on school entry, it would help them  to not only teach to the majority level, but to differentiate more effectively. It would also highlight children who would benefit from more individualised work.


What we can provide

Whole-year speech and language screening

  • We are able to offer a screening service for all new starters at Foundation Stage Level. This would enable teachers to know their young children, their communication strengths and weaknesses.
  • This would enable teachers to more effectively plan and deliver their lessons and identify any children who have speech and language difficulties. These children could be referred to the local speech and language therapy service, or we could discuss other options.

Screening for select individuals

  • We can visit your school and complete more specific assessments for a group of children, of which you already have concerns.