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Our fees

Initial Consultation - £150

This includes:

  • Detailed case history with the child and their parents
  • Full speech & language assessment
  • Discussion of results and future management with parents.
  • When necessary targets and initial work.

This does not include a report and this can be provided on request and price will be given at that stage.

Therapy Sessions - £75 Targets from the initial assessment will be focused upon in these sessions. These will normally be carried out at the clinic or child's home/school/nursery. The quantity of therapy sessions are decided in conjunction with parents. Some children will need a couple and other children may benefit from more.

Review of progress - £100

A brief assessment of progress in areas targeted by therapy and discussion of what is needed next along with updated targets

A programme to school - £65

  • A programme and relevant resources will be sent/delivered to school/nursery to be carried out with learning support assistants.
  • Staff can be provided with training/support as required.



  • If it is felt that the child does not need further direct intervention they may be discharged from the service.

Reports - £75 - standard report

If you would like a full report or require an end or therapy report these will be charged

Phone calls

  • These are charged at a pro-rata rate of a therapy session, in units of 15 minutes. Short phone calls are discretionary.


  • Mileage is charged at 45p per mile from the therapist's base (Boroughbridge). A supplement may be charged for distances over 10 miles.