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Speech therapy for children


St Joseph’s RC School approached Julia as some of our children required speech and language therapy.  We believed that good communication skills were vital to achieve academic success.  As a result, Julia helped us by assessing and delivering high quality, individual speech and language programmes tailored to the individual needs.  She also provided staff with valuable CPD through discussions and practical demonstrations.  The results of such programmes, that Julia put in place, are having a tremendous impact on our children.  Julia also provided detailed updates to members of staff each week, individual targets for the child and met with a number of parents to discuss a child’s progress.  St Joseph’s would highly recommend Julia to anyone who is thinking of employing a speech and language expert in school or working individually with your child.  The whole school have noted Julia’s dedication and commitment each week.  Nov 2016


Thank you for the help, encouragement & confidence you’ve given Noah over the last few months.  Both Simon and I have really noticed a difference. We will keep the prompting going and use the games in his file, I’ll keep updating our blackboard with key words and a tally chart – he likes trying to beat me!  

Finally, I told Noah I was emailing you to say thanks, and he wanted to say the following,

“You are a wonderful person that I know, and I’ve loved you teaching me speech therapy. I will try very hard in my sentances. Thank you for teaching me, you have helped me sound a lot better.”   May 2016


I would highly recommend Julia Charlesworth as a speech therapist. She is amazing. I am eternally grateful for her help.

My daughter Izabella age just 3 was delayed in her speech. We had attended the NHS Speech therapy drop-in in February and Izabella was put on the waiting list to see a speech therapist.

I wanted to help my daughter in the instant, as she seemed shy and almost 'frozen' in certain situations such as 'drop off' at nursery which was very upsetting for me. She also would whisper her words and when people spoke to her she would cover her face with her hands.

I researched on line speech therapy and found Julia's website. I rang her and we made an appointment. As soon as I spoke to Julia I felt reassured.

Our first meeting was excellent. Julia was professional and friendly in her approach and we discussed Izabella and her speech whilst she played near-by. I found this part very interesting and the discussion was open and honest. When Julia began getting to know Izabella it was lovely to watch, I believe that every child would warm to her. Izabella did not seem as shy and opened up and loved Julia's toy box infact she didn't want her to go. In this first session I saw my child grow in confidence, she seemed to want to do well and showed Julia that she could communicate.

A further session enhanced this confidence, by now Izabella was looking forward to seeing Julia and the assessments and was very excited. It was lovely to see. She was able to work with Julia really well, I must add that Julia connects fantastically with children.

Julia attended Nursery and carried out a one to one session, a group session and observed and played and encouraged her. It went well. Izabella communicated and is becoming a little chatterbox. We have more and more conversations. Plus something that I wanted to happen is happening which is : Izabella is opening up a conversation to me when we drive back from nursery.

I would advise any parent who is considering looking for a speech therapy to call Julia. (June 2015)


I contacted Julia after myself and my husband were concerned about our son's expressive speech delay.

We found her very welcoming and professional. She was quickly able to find the best way to help Oscar and offer guidance as to how we could help him. He has since continued to improve and we are very happy with her service. Thank you Julia! (August 2014)


I was in desperate need to find a speech therapist for my 4 year old, he had been on the waiting for nine months and was struggling with his speech.

I decided to search for a private therapist and came across Julia with Clear Talk. Amazing! She made Skyler feel so comfortable and relaxed with her. She gave him lots of homework to do every night that improved his speech instantly and he was so excited to work on it. I began to see his confidence improve and he was starting to carry on more conversations with kids his age. I am so impressed by Julia and her wonderful ability to help kids in ways that make them feel better about themselves. You can tell that too Julia being a speech therapist is more than just a job to her, she truly loves what she does. We will forever be grateful for her!
Thanks again Julia! (October 2013)


I have twin boys now aged 4 years. As first time parents we delighted as they grew and achieved all their milestones. Whilst Will, the older of the two boys started “babbling” and saying the odd word early on, Tom the younger twin was obviously struggling with his verbal communication. By the time the twins were 2 years old the gap was widening and becoming increasingly more obvious to us as parents.

Will was able to express his needs and communicate well, where as Tom was becoming frustrated and withdrawn; he struggled to form any words, only able to make squeaking and humming noises. As parents we became increasingly more concerned, and did what most parents would do and raised these concerns with our local NHS speech and language therapist who advised that we had no reason to worry and that it would only become an issue for them when Tom reached 2 1/2yrs.

We were not prepared to sit and wait and felt that Tom needed additional help, so began a search via the internet for local speech and language therapists.

Julia Charlesworth, (Cleartalking) was one of the first that we found and being local to us we decided to give her a call and discuss our concerns. Julia contacted us that very afternoon and we haven’t looked back.

Having two boys of her own, Julia has a natural affinity with young children and almost instinctively knew how to interact with Tom, getting down on his level, making tasks fun for him, whilst trying to assess the level of his problems.

Tom was soon seeing Julia on a weekly basis and quickly discovered what Tom enjoyed doing in these sessions and how to get the best from him. In the early days this would be working the sessions around building blocks, playing jigsaws or searching for hidden pictures around the room. Her sessions were fun and she quickly gained Toms Trust.  It has been a slow process with Tom, as his speech problems were quite severe.  Tom was diagnosed with verbal Dyspraxia and required all the help we could give him.

As his Parents all we wanted was to communicate with Tom and for him to communicate with us and his brother Will. We even learnt Makaton sign language to help unlock his speech and with the additional help of Julia’s sessions Tom has made amazing progress.

Tom is now 4 years old and due to start School in September, although his speech and communication has come on in leaps and bounds, he will start school with a “statement of special needs” which means Tom will be allocated a dedicated teaching assistant to help with his development. The “statement” was not an easy thing to obtain and Julia was instrumental in guiding us through the process and provided us with vital reports to back up his application.

We are so proud of the progress Tom has made, he is a happy normal little boy who is becoming much more confident and is now able to express his needs like any other boy of his age.

Without Julia’s help and support, hard work and dedication over the past 18 months we are both convinced that Tom would be facing a very different future at this important stage of his development. We cannot thank Julia enough for what she has unlocked for our son.

A big thank you for all your help, Julia, over the last year. You've been amazing. Love Tracy, Nick, Will, Tom and Harry (August 2013)


My name is Tess Forsdyke and I am Mum to 4 year old Tristan.

Tristan has Hemiplegia and as a result of this has speech delay. Tristan suffered very badly with confidence and having had a bad experience with a past therapist he was not open to SALT, his speech was minimal and non-existent around anyone outside the family.

I contacted Julia Charlesworth through the ASLTP website and arranged for him to have an assessment. Having attended the assessment and roughly 7 sessions I believe it is fair to say Julia has performed a miracle, he is no longer scared and enjoys trying to talk and after only 3 sessions he was actually happy to speak to a stranger. He is happy and relaxed to attend sessions and actually looks forwards to them. Having been such a success we have decided to keep the sessions going even though we have managed to get an NHS therapist.

I never believed that Tristan would be doing so well in only 4 months and spent a lot of time worrying, although we still don’t know what the future holds I am happy to say it seems that little bit less worrying. Thank you from all of us from the bottom of our hearts.

See Tristan and mum Tess in a video produced for the BBC. Here>>