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We welcome comments and feedback from our clients, whether they are parents or schools (or indeed the children themselves!

St Joseph’s RC School approached Julia as some of our children required speech and language therapy.  We believed that good communication skills were vital to achieve academic success.  As a result, Julia helped us by assessing and delivering high quality, individual speech and language programmes tailored to the individual needs.  She also provided staff with valuable CPD through discussions and practical demonstrations.  The results of such programmes, that Julia put in place, are having a tremendous impact on our children.  Julia also provided detailed updates to members of staff each week, individual targets for the child and met with a number of parents to discuss a child’s progress.  St Joseph’s would highly recommend Julia to anyone who is thinking of employing a speech and language expert in school or working individually with your child.  The whole school have noted Julia’s dedication and commitment each week.   Nov 2016


My name is Tess Forsdyke and I am Mum to 4 year old Tristan. Tristan has Hemiplegia and as a result of this has speech delay. Tristan suffered very badly with confidence and having had a bad experience with a past therapist he was not open to SALT, his speech was minimal and non-existent around anyone outside the family. I contacted Julia Charlesworth through the ASLTP website and arranged for him to have an assessment. Having attended the assessment and roughly 7 sessions I believe it is fair to say Julia has performed a miracle, he is no longer scared and enjoys trying to talk and after only 3 sessions he was actually happy to speak to a stranger. He is happy and relaxed to attend sessions and actually looks forwards to them. Having been such a success we have decided to keep the sessions going even though we have managed to get an NHS therapist. I never believed that Tristan would be doing so well in only 4 months and spent a lot of time worrying, although we still don’t know what the future holds I am happy to say it seems that little bit less worrying. Thank you from all of us from the bottom of our hearts.